How to install LED lights in a car

How to install LED lights into a car is a question that many drivers ask when they want to change the light bulb of their vehicle. Therefore, everything you need to know about replacing LEDs in the car will explain below.

What is a led bulb?

A led bulb is an LED + a resistor, and once current flows through it, it turns on. In vehicles we will have to distinguish two large groups:
1. Cars with NO CanBus: they refer to car manufacture before 2005.
2. CanBus cars: they refer to cars after 2005.

Can I put a Canbus led bulb in the car? Yes, we buy some CanBus LEDs and install them in a car, nothing bad will happen. On the other hand, if we install a LED without Canbus in a car, it will not work correctly.

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The importance of the CanBus when it comes to how to place LED lights in a car

In general, cars manufactured before 2005 do not have a CanBus system. The CANBUS system intended to indicate to the vehicle’s control unit that a light bulb has burned out, so that it appears on the dashboard and that the owner proceeds to its replacement. Since LED lights consume very little energy, this mechanism usually detects that they burnt out even though they are not, which is very annoying. Therefore, when buying them, it is important to check whether or not they are compatible with the CANBUS system.

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Types of LED bulbs

1. Led w5w or 194 led bulb: this type of bulb used in the front or interior position light (LED reading light, etc.). If the car housing with the CanBus system, we will have to install one of the CanBus LEDs to avoid the failure of molten light.

2. Led H7, H1, H4, HB4, HB3, H8 and H11: they are LED bulbs with a socket of h7, h1, etc. They are used to using for car concentrations or exposures rather than for visibility. They give a more tuning touch to the car.

3. Led c5w or Led Festoon: this type of light is usually used mainly for rear and interior license plates. If there is a Canbus car, we will have to install one of the CanBus led.

4. Led P13W: it is a rare bulb that Audi A3, Audi A4, and Renault Megane usually install them in position light.

5. LED strip: it is a led strip that operates at 12V, and it can install anywhere.

6. 1156 Led bulb: it is a special type of led that has a p21w socket, but it is very short.

7. Led t20: they are bulbs very similar to the t10 but with larger dimensions.

The CanBus is a system to protect the car. If you install a car led, you must take it into account. Cars with CanBus have a unique feature; when a car light bulb burns out, it will be indicated by a warning light on the car dashboard. Since the LED bulb has less working power, the car interprets as being burnt out, and the car will give an error message. To avoid this, CanBus LEDs have invented to prevent this issue.

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