Oil pump and oil change: why they are important for car maintenance

The oil, the pump filter, and the oil pump itself are essential elements for the engine to function properly and last for many years.

Several actions must be done from time to time in our car to keep it in perfect condition, and we do not have to regret breakdowns. One of those most common maintenance operations is the oil change. The engine oil is responsible for keeping it running, well-lubricated, and preventing friction that can cause damage. And that is why it is important that the oil we use in the engine is perfectly clean and that it performs its function efficiently.

The presence of elements that make this oil dirty causes the engine to not lubricate well and not work properly. For this reason, the manufacturer’s instructions must follow as regards the oil and filter change times of the oil pump.

Oil pump and oil change

The oil pump, the heart of the engine

It is the oil pump that allows it to circulate through the engine and arrive with adequate power to all corners of the engine effectively. That is to say, the pump allows the oil recirculation and makes it reach all the places where it has to arrive with adequate pressure and without problems.

The oil must reach with sufficient pressure all the elements that make up the engine, such as the camshaft and other points of the same that have a high operating rate and where it produces considerable and continuous friction. This friction causes wear of the parts and causes problems, causing them to break — the oil deposited in the crankcase, which is where the oil pump is.

This result is responsible for sucking the oil at the right temperature and sends it to the circuit, always maintaining the same working pressure. The working temperature of the oil is usually 70º Celsius. At this temperature, the oil has the right density, but you have to watch that it does not exceed this temperature. At more degrees, it will be too light, and at a lower temperature, it will be too dense and will not flow properly.

The oil, carrier of dirt

The oil picks up the remains that produced due to the rubbing of the pieces, mostly coal and other types of waste. If these pass to the oil circuit, the effectiveness of lubrication is lost, and greater and faster wear can cause. To prevent this from happening, we must have a barrier that stops the entry of waste into the oil circuit.

The part responsible for the oil that passes through the pump is completely clean is the oil filter. It retains all the dirt particles that the oil carries and allows it always to be clean. Like the oil itself, it also needs to be replaced from time to time.

The accumulation of dirt in the oil filter may mean that it is clogged. That way, the amount of oil that will reach the pump to redirect to the circuit will decrease. It should not say that this can pose a risk to the car and the engine, as it will not lubricate properly, and damage to the block can occur. For this reason, a lot of attention has to be paid to the oil filter change deadlines, just as we look at the oil change.

Oil pump and oil change

Check the oil level to circulate safely

One of the things to keep in mind when you have a car that is over ten years old, you have to check the oil level more frequently. Engines of a certain age consume the oil faster, and therefore the level decreases faster. We may run out of sufficient oil level, and the pump starts to work harder. This result is a problem because the overexertion of the oil pump can cause it to wear more and break down. Not to mention, of course, the wear of the parts once deprived of enough oil to be well protected.

The proper maintenance of the engine can make it work properly for a long time, and you can enjoy the car at full capacity for years. Taking care of the engine, we gain safety and comfort when driving. In addition, car lighting is another important for driving, you need to check your 5202 led bulb in a period of time.

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