My car slows badly: how to easily know if the brakes need a check

The brakes are one of the important elements of car safety and must always be ready and prepared to act efficiently.

Of all the active safety elements that a car has, the brakes are perhaps the most important. And this is because they are the ones in charge of avoiding scopes and blows with other vehicles, besides allowing them to reduce the speed and even stop the car if necessary. But, like all the mechanical elements of the car, the brakes wear out and lose effectiveness.

An important problem with the brakes is that the foot adapts to the behavior of the pedal, so normally we do not perceive that we have to put more pressure on the brake. It is a problem that can easily observe if you get into a car other than the one you normally drive. Then you will notice that the touch and behavior of the pedals are different, and you will detect if you have to do more force when braking or stepping on the clutch.

But, fortunately, although we cannot perceive this irregular behavior in our car because we get used to it, there are other ways to determine the malfunction of the brakes of our car. We are going to give you some clues so you can think about checking the brakes and changing parts that are no longer efficient.

how to easily know if the brakes need a check

Increase in braking distance

The braking distance is what the car needs from the moment the brake pressed until it stops. If the braking distance increases, it is a sign that the car does not break normally, and the braking system must check well. The brake pads or brake discs may have worn out. If it detected that the car needs more meters to stop, you have to take it to the workshop and have it checked by a mechanic.

Check brake fluid

Under normal conditions, the brake fluid reservoir should always be full to the maximum mark. If it is detected that the level drops rapidly or reaches the minimum level, it is a sign that something is not working well and that the car must pass through the workshop immediately. The brake fluid must be changed every 2 or 4 years to maintain its full effectiveness, so in that period, you have to take the car to the workshop to maintain the brakes.

Odd brake pedal behavior

We have already commented that sometimes we are not aware that the brake pedal works “weirdly” and that it does not respond well. But sometimes, it is easy to realize it, and in case of any strange behavior, you have to approach the workshop and review it. It is better to check than to face the failure of the brakes at a critical moment.

Vibrations, strange noises, and irregular behavior

The presence of vibrations when braking, a metallic sound when the brake pressed, or any strange behavior detected can be a sign that the brakes do not work properly. Also, the brake pads usually have a ” sneak ” that emits an audible metallic sound that warns that they are wearing out. If you start listening to that sound, you have to change the pads and check the rest of the braking system. It necessary to check the headlight system s well, such as the 9007 led headlight bulb low beam, that would dimmer while using in a long time and needs to replace it with.

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