Battery alert: the warnings given by the battery so you can change it in time

The battery is essential for any car since it is an element that stores the electricity that the car needs to move and when it is going to run out, it warns

One of the most common situations we encounter when giving the contact of the car is that it does not start, that it does not show signs of life. The cause is quite clear. It is possible that the battery has exhausted its charge and that we find that it has no power to power any of the electrical elements that the car has. It is time to change the battery.

But before this happens, the battery offers several signals so that we know that it is failing and needs a change. The battery is the electrical energy storage system that powers all the electrical elements of the car, from the starter to the radio, through the lights and all other electrical systems. Therefore, when something starts to fail, it may be due to the battery charge.

Battery alert

First notices

  • The first warning comes from the dashboard warning light, a red battery-shaped signal, and the symbols «+» and «-». Normally it illuminates when giving contact, but if it is maintained, it is a sign that it does not provide the energy necessary to fulfill its function well.
  • If the car takes to start, especially in winter mornings, if it is very cold, this is another of the clearest signals. It may take a while to run out, but it is already warning that there is a problem.
  • There are small failures in electrical systems, such as the windows, loss of power in the lights, or changes in intensity in them. This feature means that input does not offer enough energy to work properly.

How to check the battery status

To know if the battery is in good condition, you must use a voltmeter. With the use of this tool, you can measure the battery voltage. This way must be at least 12.5 volts. If it is below this voltage, you have to think about approaching the workshop and changing the battery.

Battery alert

Change battery

Changing the battery is one of the most common actions that can do at home. Of course, with the most modern models, this operation should be performed by a professional mechanic. The reason is clear. The increasing presence of electronic elements makes it more difficult to remove the battery and place the new one. Above all, because an error in performing this operation can create problems in-car electronics.

In older cars, the battery location is more accessible and easier to remove. In most modern models, it is better than this operation to be carried out by a professional since it requires specific preparation and very specific tools.

If you opt for the purchase of a car battery outside the workshop, although the assembly will do the same, several things must be taken into account such as the 9012 led bulb white. The main one is that the new battery has the same voltage as the exhausted battery. It also required that it be the same size and that the terminals located in the same position.

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