How to change the serpentine belt in 2012 Honda Accord

If any of the belt-driven devices or a tensioner pulley for some reason is not lined up with the belt, the belt will squeal. Often this problem is discovered after a newly replaced belt still squeals or wears out fast. One of the symptoms of this problem is increased wear on one side of the belt. This was a really simple way to change the serpentine belt.serpentine belt

First, remove as much old gasket material as possible with a combination of razor blades and soft metal wire brushes. Then put your new water pump gasket on, with a light layer of high-temp gasket sealant. This is extra protection against casting imperfections. I like to let the gasket material set and become less tacky, that way it forms a better seal against any oils or fluids that may have been left on the surface of the engine.

serpentine belt

Next, reversing the belt, take it off and put it back on so that it travels in what would have been its backward direction as originally installed. If the noise goes away or gets much softer, the problem is a misaligned pulley. This diagnostic works because flipping the belt change the direction of the misalignment from the belt’s perspective. If reversing the belt does not temporarily eliminate the noise, the problem is something other than misaligned pulleys.

An assembled tire is exposed to high temperatures and pressure to cure the assembly, which bonds all the layers. A steel-belted radial tire may have a steel belt incorporated into it to have greater puncture and impact resistance. Unfortunately, the rubber compounds cannot stick to the steel belt addition if the manufacturer does not cover the steel wires before using them in constructing the tire, which makes it possible for tread separation in all steel-belted tires. The possibility of tread separation becomes greater as the speed of the vehicle increases.

The serpentine belt is a flat drive belt that snakes around all of the different components in your engine that need auxiliary power. Once you have gone through these steps, you are well on your way to finding the mechanic that you need for those maintenance issues that are a given and for the more major problems like needing a transmission replacement for your vehicle.

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