How to replace fog light LED bulb in 2016 – 2019 Honda Civic

Today I’ll be swapping out the fog light bulbs on this tension Honda Civic. The reason why I want to change out the fogs is so that all the color matches especially for white cars. I think the white color looks the best, so the only tool that you’re going to need is a wrench with the 10 millimeter socket and some kind of a pry bar like this or a pry tool or a slotted screwdriver. I’m going to go ahead and remove the stock halogen bulb that’s in there and we place it with this led both sides. That you need to get for this particular vehicle is a h8, it’s also a H11 and h9 led bulb, they’re all the same for this exact LEDs.

Gain access to a fog light bulb there are two clips and one bolt that you have to remove the clips with a 10 millimeter bolt and a pry tool. Pry it in-between the little gap, once you have those two and the screw removed, pull them down. It is plastic so grab it and bend it down, you can stick your hand up to reach the stock fog light bulb.

Disconnect the wire harness, push the black tab and pull it down and then turn it counterclockwise to remove the bulb. Take the new LED the LED will have three tabs that have to correspond with the cutout. Line those up and then turn clockwise to lock it in place. Once installed correctly the diode should be facing side to side. Connect your LED to the stock wire harness, before you put everything back turn on the headlights and then the Fog and verify that the fog light comes on.

Reinstall everything and make sure that you push this back behind the cover. Take your clips now the clip, it has to be out like this where the tip you can squeeze them together and then put it into the slot.

Now all the color match from the headlight to the DRL to the fogs. That was a procedure on how to change out the foglight bulls on a tension Honda Civic.

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