How to install DRL in 2013-2015 Honda Accord Sedan

I am doing how to install LED daytime running lights on 100 core 2015. These are the LED bulbs I had in here before, actually, they’re bright blue but the thing is instead of Tennes see all blue and red lights or illegal.

Now, this is depending on how big your hands are all doing this installment it’s gonna be really hard. What you’re doing is you want to reach in. Found wire Wiggly and as you can see is to lighten your mood and turn it clockwise and pull it out. It’s not like a little pinch, actually grab it twist it and yank it up without get up slowly, pull it out.

Grab for simple plug-and-play going on and everything pretty bright, remove the stock parking light plug it back in the new LED strip test, make sure it works insert the LED strip. Otherwise, it might break the LED assembly once the LED light a running light strip is completing certain to the parking light lamp housing connected than adapter to a factory parking like socket.

That’s the hallways long put it back in and be extremely careful pin the light strip because I’m pretty sure if you bend, it’s going to breakout a little both tiny bugs and stuff in there. We insert it in you get do this push it all the way through, but who’s got that day you see I’ll push onto again right now once you put it in make sure that. I can say you screw it back in the way you took it out just push in turn in a lock truck you already put on. This is you got like a little round part you get a little flat smooth part make sure this is facing the car.

It’s not screwed now I just went through the motions once again, found a hole get the head of it slowly push you do right the back of him. A new starter ice move in now it’s our car, you do but you don’t it looks really good actually which we good like I say I wish through my blue ones but see, you got a better law this one’s not pushed all the way through I went through motion to show you. I guess they should cover all this right here now all I got to do is go in here and screw it back in and then BAM you’re all done simple 5-minute installation.

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