Auxbeam LED Headlights on 2015 Honda Civic | Review

I will be installing the Auxbeam LED on a 2015 Honda Civic. Here’s the bulbs on this one it does not come with a fan. I’m liking that. Here are the H7 LED bulbs for headlight right there and this is gold-plated if I remember correctly, and then it has, of course, more LEDs on it. Let’s get to the install and try these out.

It does have an o-ring around it to keep the moisture out which is a good thing that’s a good plus. I already got one site installed which is the right side the passenger. I’m gonna show you right now. It looks better.

That LED lights in the floor which is a good thing though right here. It’s with a lot of street lights, it’s really light up. I’m actually surprised that you could see the lights still on the floor.

Now I’m gonna go ahead and go somewhere there is no lights you can see it better and see how it looks. It’s like super bright and it’s really far up the road where it lights up. There are 6000K which is like a white with a small hint of blue.


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