Honda Civic PRL Motorsports Downpipe & Front Pipe DIY Install

Given that PRL hasn’t released an official installment guide, I’m making this article to assist anyone that preordered the Downpipe/ Front Pipeline.

Complete Time: 3 Hours

Devices Needed:

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • 14mm Outlet
  • 12mm Outlet
  • 10mm Outlet
  • Breaker Bar
  • 5mm Allen Secret
  • 12mm Wrench
  • 14mm Wrench

First, place your auto on ramps or jack stands and also make certain its cooled down prior to beginning.

Eliminate 6x flat head screws that launch when you transform them 90 degrees.

Remove 4x Phillips head screws on the leading edge of the steel cover. After that you should be able to remove it by gliding it backward off the 4 plastic garages.

2x 5mm allen vital screws
2x 10mm hex head screws (front left not envisioned to ensure that’s why the blank circle exists).

14x Press pin clips (I’m missing out on one so it isn’t pictured).
5x 10mm hex head screws.

The panel will virtually just fall out once you’ve obtained a lot of the clips/screws out.

I began in the back and also eliminated the 3x 14mm hex nuts securing the OEM front pipeline to the rest of the exhaust.

I drew the exhaust bushing off at the circled around to fix that is connected to the framework.

I needed to take these two 10mm hex head screws out so offer the front pipeline a little even more shake room to go out.

I likewise needed to push down on this heat shield to offer the front pipeline the last little bit of clearance in order to come out.

The OEM front pipe should come right out now. Get rid of the exhaust bushing and placed it on the PRL Front Pipe the same way you took it off.

Remove 2x 14mm bolts from the mounting brackets at the bottom of the cat.

Loosen 2x 14mm bolts linking the bracket to the engine so there is the area for the pet cat to drop via when you eliminate it.

Currently, it pertains to the engine bay, we will remove whatever air intake you have, I have the Injen SRI so all I needed to do was detach the sensor, get rid of the nut protecting it to the block, as well as release the hose pipe clamp closest to the turbo.

Remove 2x 10mm nuts holding this brace to the engine so you have room to reach the pet cat.

Detach both O2 sensing unit connects from this bracket and get rid of the brace.

Remove 3x 12mm bolts safeguarding this thermal barrier to the top of the pet cat.

Forgot to take an image but there are 2x 14mm bolts as well as 2x 14mm lock nuts holding the pet cat to the turbo, I had to utilize a breaker bar to get them loose and afterwards take your time below and also loosen them all evenly.

NOTE: Please acquire brand-new lock nuts or common nuts (M10x1.25) for when you connect your PRL Downpipe since I currently have a permanent lock nut on my downpipe/turbo so good idea I don’t intend on putting the feline back in.

After you have the 2 nuts as well as 2 screws off make certain you detach the additional O2 sensor plug and afterwards the pet cat need to have the ability to go down through all-time low as long as you loosened the 2 mounting braces.

Use a crescent wrench (Idk what size the nut gets on the O2 Sensor) and also eliminate the O2 sensing unit from the feline and also mount it on the PRL Downpipe before you install.

See to it you keep the OEM exhaust gasket on the studs on the turbo and after that start reinstalling everything backwards order.
I really did not take any type of photos of re-installing it because I was really ecstatic as well as there had not been anything various or challenging about the reinstallation.

The various other photos listed below show the instructions in which I made use of the provided nuts/bolts, yours could fit via one method better than the as long yet other as you obtain them great and also tight I do not think the direction truly matters.

There is no torque requirements offered as far as I understand so I just tightened them until I couldn’t anymore. You’ll need to use a backup typical 14mm wrench to tighten the nuts/bolts.
Certainly, make sure you placed the supplied exhaust gaskets in between the links of the PRL Front Pipeline at the downpipe as well as exhaust.

Not exactly sure the appropriate way or time to put the exhaust bushing back on however I did it last as well as it was a pain in the ass however I still got it on there.

Reinstall the lower 2 panels the same way you took them off, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Delight in!

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