DIY Guide: Replace Torn CV Boot on Axle Shaft!

A while back I mounted my Eibachs and despite having the care, my passenger side boot got ripped. I repaired it and the repair lasted around 10k miles.

I will compose my operating procedure in this article.

Jack up cars and truck as well as eliminate facility cap, after that reduced back down as soon as you confirm the fitment of the Bolt, IIRC it’s a 35mm yet can be wrong, I have 32mm, 35mm at your home so it is just one of those – will edit later once I confirm.

In order to damage this loosened you will require impact, if you don’t have influence placed the tires back on lower down as well as make use of breaker bar to break it loose – before you try to see to it you defeat the divot on the 35mm nut back up so its not holding it in position. Before breaking this loose hide the sharp point on the lower control arm, I made use of shop towel as well as great deals of duct tape.

After you elevate the vehicle back up this is what you obtain. Currently, you need the first use the sledge. I have a 5lb mini sledge and it functioned perfectly! Knock the crap from it as well as press it back via. Now get rid of the 3 bolts (15mm IIRC) that link the round joint as well as the lower control arm.

Now you need to reach this point, this calls for all your rounds as you need to beat the spunk out of your absolutely pristine axle. You need to angle it down – after that take your hammer as well as hit the innermost ring until it comes off.

You will wind up with this listed below as soon as you have effectively divided it:

Now, I cleaned the inner shaft, – getting rid of all old oil and placed the band clamp, and also the boot on and also pushed it all the method up!

Below is the picture of the clamp on and the boot in position.

Now you need to clean up all the old oil out of your axle joint – this took some work, you don’t wish to mix oil, I got alot out, yet use alertness right here. Move it around alot and also work your cleaning towel/rag down in there and revolve it around alot, increasingly more will certainly appear.

I then repacked it with the consisted of unique lithium oil for axles as you can see:-RRB- Once more move it around and also actually require the oil down in there – the majority of the grease must be in right here – the remainder will certainly go inside your axle boot prior to you secure it all with each other.

Now you see the boot slipped on, what you can not see is making use of the Sledge to get it to break back on, and also making use of the screwdriver to press both sides of the ring clip that stops it from going back on – delight in obtaining oil throughout you, and also alot of curse words now to obtain it back on. It really did not provide me a gratifying beat or thud when it went on either – it simply went on after alot of beating it. FYI, un-connect the clamps and also placed them pretty tight on there, it’s virtually difficult to slip the clamps over the boots with the “pre-configured” stress on them, it’s easy you will have to “fiddle” with it a bit.

This is the frightening part for me, the exact same cutters I used to remove the old bands, I currently am utilizing to tighten up the band clamps. That’s what it requires so do not be scared it’s re-enforced steel bands in those spots. See to it you obtain it limited sufficient as the band clamps can be readjusted – the instructions in the EMPI reboot cover this for you a little bit.

Nut back on as well as torqued, after that press the tab pull back in position with a screwdriver and your sledge.

A look at the new boot – took around 45 minutes, and conserved me the expense of an Axle = 165, and also considering that this was passenger side I gather now that it saved me the cost of the axle bracket and extension too which is one more 165 bucks. I’m unclean or cleaned up in this image.

Since the pictures packed out of whack it kinda messed up my rhythm, also cannot delete this last pic for one reason or another, so appreciate my currently damaged paint on my rotors, and my spacers along with the working area I had to do this.


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