Original Honda S2000, S2K HID Projector Retrofit!!!

Before the start, I did a great deal of browsed to locate some good articles concerning this. What I want to claim is, you gotta be actually patient if you intend to attempt this because it is a lengthy process.

Ok, now we start. You gonna need to purchase some things.

Accessories I utilized on this retrofitting:

First, clear Silicone RTV, razor blades, flat head screwdriver, influence drill, screwdriver, drill little bits nuts and also bolts, washing machines, pliers, knife, warm weapon, you will certainly require them all;

I buy new headlights, an s2k assembly hid projector.

Now we start. Get rid of the 4 metal clips that hold the front lights with each other as well as establish them aside. You’re most likely to need them so don’t lose them. After that remove the rest tubes from the rear of the fronts lights. there secured by those metal clips. Remove them the pop right off and also find the Left/Right indication as well as remove that. Its held on by 2 Phillips screws.

Ok, now you should “COOK” the headlight. Different the two fifty percent’s entirely as well as establish the glass component aside.

Back out the adjusting screws right. There 2 dimension 8mm screws. They do not come off of the assembly so don’t try and pry them out.

Now launch the black plastic clip create the front lights as well as it will certainly split up!

Currently remove the lens and also shroud hung on by 2 Phillips screws. After that turn the front lights over and also eliminate the bull. That’s likewise hung on by two screws.

Here is a fast view of what you should have left.

OK remember on exactly how the removed line is alongside the block right beside it. That is how you want your final product to look.

Heres a fast comparison of the projectors. Notice the s2k is much larger than the Accord projector. That is why you have to cut away at the supply front lights piece to make it fit.

Currently mark off what you’re mosting likely to reduce. However before that remove the two changing clips so they do not obtain shredded by crash.

Currently mark of the s2k projector for cutting. Take the lens of first make sure you do not shed the gasket under it!

Right here is the cool part, the stock shadow is the exact diameter of the outer diameter of the s2k shroud so you can use it to obtain the stock appearance.

Now you can begin cutting!

Your gonna end up with this!

You are gonna want to align the cut off line to the stock block component. that guarantees you obtain an even line.

You are gonna have to trim the supply part some, even more, to make it fit, simply round it out!

As soon as you have it able to suit there wonderful and also tight you can pierce the holes to safeguard it. Your gonna desire at the very least three placing locations. The more the far better to guarantee its focused.

Currently, this is all I had offered to me so I needed to make do with it!

Like so! make certain both tops are aligned thus.

When tightening the bolts or whatever you utilize down, please!!!! be cautious. The steel is very weak!

When you have actually finished that component. you can re-install the plastic clips and also lens and shadow. After that tidy up all the gunk of the headlight. Some warm makes life simpler.

Currently reinstall the front lights back in the cover. and also clip in the black clip initially! Then screw in the modification screws.

Ok, currently you should “COOK” the front lights. Separate the 2 half’s completely and also set the glass component apart.

Now remove the lens and also shadow held on by 2 Phillips screws. That is why you have to cut away at the supply headlight item to make it fit.

Now re-install the front lights back in the cover. as well as clip in the black clip initially! Screw in the change screws.

This is what you need to have after.

Re-install the L/R sign.

I utilized one tube of RTV per side. I suggest that so i don’t leak!

Currently, reinstall the glass and returned the metal clips. This will help press all the air out of the network it sits in!

Now simply allow them dry for the remainder of the day.

Finally, it is amazing?

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