How to Install JDM Led Headlight Bulbs by Yourself

Your car is designed with a high energy halogen bulb, these bulbs work well in the car. But they are a filament bulb which will be blow quickly. The wire of the bulb heats and cools over and over again, will cause eventually fissure and the light will need repair. So you have to buy more and more components for the headlights.

JDM or Japanese headlights of the domestic market are flashlight mounts that have a black tint for the plastic lens. These headlights work in the same way as regular headlight assemblies, and the process for installing both is similar. As the headlight mounting installation differs from one vehicle to another, you may want to check with the owner’s manual for the exact process. Still, the general idea behind the process is the same: remove the old 9006 led bulb assembly and install the JDM set.

9006 Led Headlight Bulbs


  • Start the engine of your vehicle and open the hood. Remove the negative battery terminal with a socket wrench.
  • Disconnect the electrical connectors from the lantern assemblies by pulling them out of the assemblies. Many vehicles have a plastic tab that must press to release the electrical connectors.
  • Remove the fasteners that hold the white 9006 headlight bulb assembly to the engine compartment. Most vehicles have screws, but some have bolted. The other vehicles, mainly the European ones, have Torx screws. Use a Phillips screwdriver, a socket wrench, or a Torx screwdriver to remove the fasteners from the flashlight mounts.
  • Pull the engine compartment low beam 9006 headlight assembly and place the JDM headlight assembly. Reinstall fasteners.
  • Connect the electrical connector to the JDM 9006 led headlight bulb assemblies and reconnect the battery.

Led Headlight Bulbs

The car owner can quickly notice the road signage when they use a white headlight bulb. These bulbs can also improve the chance of safety in road driving. It is better to keep them off if you do not know when to light up the LED bulb. Because it will bother other drivers when you turn on the light at any time of the night or day in the wrong way.

Another tip that is remembering to check the time period of the headlight bulb when you selecting them. Lifespan is important for the headlight bulb. In the normal situation, many people would like to choose the bulb which can last longer. Because it will enable you to see the full value of your cost.

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