Honda Civic Hatchback Install Morimoto XB LED Fog Light

First review for a DIY right here. I know that there are a lot of people that intend to do the haze light set up or have cracked haze lights as well as are looking for options.

I had a cracked fog light on my 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring on my driver side. It features haze lights from manufacturing facility. I intended to repair it however didn’t feel comfortable with obtaining the exact same OEM ones. I wanted something a little bit extra long-lasting and also something better.

So after taking a look at the referrals and also reviews, I opted for the Morimoto XB LED fog lights, their h11 led bulbs work great on 2017 Honda Civic as I read many reviews on the forum.

If you are looking for the OEM ones, College Hills Honda components site is offering the OEM package for quite a little bit. The Morimoto XBs just cost me 143ish after the Black Friday sales.

How to Start

It truly does not matter where you begin. Pick a side and beginning. I started with the “left/passenger side first”.

Starting from the leading left side, get your plastic pry device and insert it in the little edge there. You will certainly see a few tabs on the top side.

Right here is an image of the tabs at the top. When you try to draw off the cover, be mindful. When you embed your pry tool remember to push that little tab so that it un-hooks. You will damage the little tabs if you force it.

( KEEP IN MIND: There is another of those “charming” push pins that hold it with each other so you will require either a small flathead or among those bent choice tools to assist take that pin off. I choose to not re-install those pins as they are really frustrating to get off, especially in such a little room.)

So 3 tabs on top, 2 on the sides, and 3 more on the bottom as well as 1 bothersome press pin.

Below is one more picture of the cover.

From there, it’s your normal haze light set up. For reference, the dimension has to do with 3.5. You will see the 4 placing screws, so unscrew them as well as remove your old OEM fogs. Disconnect the port for the power and plug in your brand-new haze lights. For the hatchback, I did some minor trimming to get everything to fit. After that re-screw whatever as well as cover it back up!

Sensing side w/ fog lights.

Picking up side.

Picking up cover from front side.

Noticing cover from rear end.

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