Honda Civic 09 Sedan Headlight Retrofit | Fully DIY

First, the bi-xenon projector lens for using is Mini H1 Projector, as it is tiny in dimension, and also utilizing 55 Watt H1 bulb which has vast beam pattern.

The shrouds in this picture is an E46-R shrouds, which I ordered independently. The normal mini H1 projector set features an original shroud rather. It is smaller than the E46-R, but it still needs a bit trimming in order to utilize in our Civic reflector.

OK, the initial thing I did after I taken the front lights apart was to evaluate fit this new projector. It is as simple as the G3 projector (an additional Civic aftermarket projector) setup, which you simply will to put the projector with the 9006 light bulb hole, and after that lock it onto the reflector using the supplied locking ring.

After I examine fit the projector and make certain it does fit our public headlight, I made a decision to have the reflector blacked out this time around. Just merely utilize painter tape covered the high beam of light area as well as spray a pair layer black paint on it.

The following point to do is the shadows. I desire some unique on my design, so I made a decision to drill some openings on the shroud and also have actually some LED beam thru them. so, first to do is drill some holes.

After that the E46-R shadows are bigger than our reflector, and require some trim work. I have no measurement on just how much needed to be reduced, just do it gradually and also maintain test installation.

After that I have it examine fitted.

Then I put some Brownish-yellow LED behind each openings. It will be ran under very warm setting. I used high-temperature black silicon to take care of the LED in place.

After some examinations, I determined to add a heat shield to try my ideal to keep the DIVERTED from the projector warmth. I reduced some slim alumnium sheet, as well as placed some chrome tape on one side to ensure that it wont reason short circuit in situation it touched the LED legs, after that utilize it the guard the LEDs from the direct warmth from the HID bulb. I also decreased the present for the LEDs to 27mA instead of the 38mA.

Then I put the shrouds onto the projector. The wires are travel through the same hole as the bi-xenon solenoid cords.

Fire it up and see how it looks.

Then, I did the rotation aiming by putting the front lights with the front lens to the vehicle, fire the lo light beam up as well as revolve a little the projector from the front by hand, similar to what I made with the G3 projector. Then I put some black silicon around the projector as well as affix the shadows on it. Let it dry for someday.

After I made a couple G3 Set cord harness for other individuals, I’m respectable on making a clean wire harness currently. It is a mess at that time when I look at my very first cable harness I made for my own G3 kit and compare with what I made currently. Anyway, below is how my cable harness for this package appears like.

It is begun with an H4 Hi/Lo harness I brought, after that I cut the H4 plug as well as link it to my custom made Control Module. The Control Module will turn on the Brownish-yellow LED ring when DRL and Park, send out power to Solenoid wire simply when actual high light beam is on, as well as give a Delay On for Reduced beam with time set by a leaner, to make sure that I can now blink others with my halogen high beam in day time without worried my low light beam ballasts terminated. The harness will just be plugged into the motorist side Hi as well as Reduced OEM plug and simply tap into the Park light wire as I still not able to discovered the unique 3-pin plugs utilized for the Park/signal bulb. The driver side high light beam bulb is powered with this harness, as well as the traveler side high beam of light is just powered with the OEM plug.

With the harness all set, I placed it on the vehicle. Here is where I installed the harness.

For individuals asking yourself exactly how I attached the relay module to that place, right here is what I use and you might discovered it beneficial on your installation.

Yet after that there is a trouble I experienced at this phase … The H4 Hi/Low Harness has the ground adapters for every Ballasts plug, and they are pretty short in length and also I can not have them reach the routine grounding points! So, for the last minute repair, I simply did some dirty as well as fast spot, which the driver side take advantage of the lo beam ground cord need the personalized component, as well as for the passenger side, I add a 9006 male plug and attach it to the unused lo beam plug.

It’s almost done, and also the final thing I did prior to I put the front lights back to the car is sealing the Reduced beam of light area. The Hi bulb does not included the rubber boot like the G3 package light bulb does, so I simply utilize some aluminum foil tape to wrap around the reflector base and also the tiny rubber cover for the Hi bulb, use some hot glue to see to it the foil tape persevere. After that put the initial rubber cover back to the Low light beam opening.

And now with the front lights and wiring ready, I placed whatever back and also right here is how the ultimately result.

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