Old Accord Retrofitting Bi Xenon Projector Headlights – Perfect Fit

I decided to place a brand-new fronts lights projector on my daily driving Accord that I run miles on. I am in no way experience at this but it was really simple with the G3t bi-xenon projectors as well as h4 adapters.

This design is what I used and also I have not looked into any kind of retrofit evaluations on them.

Retrofitting steps below:

(1 ), Obtain headlight heated in a box or stove for 15 minutes. I’ve read 230 levels but I simply placed warm weapon on reduced setup;

( 2 ), After 15 minutes draw front lights out with handwear covers and pry at the lenses with flathead screw chauffeur. Once it gives proceed pulling the adhesive will certainly seperate or razor blade it at the stretch;

( 3 ), Once lenses is off set aside as well as pull the facility representation thing off;

( 4 ), Get your projector canon ready as well as location right into the front lights as well as place your h4 adapter bracket on the back so it gets lined up;

( 5 ), Place projector lock ring and locker on as well as start to tighten up. Once it obtains tuff I got instead huge needle nose to hold as well as tighten up down;

( 6 ), As soon as limited at the canon end area lenses firm on the housing as well as location once more for 15 minutes inside stove or box as well as begin home heating;

( 7 ), After 15 minutes draw headlight and start to work the lense tight onto the housing as well as left cool;

Finished!! I mounted them as well as paint my bumpers in addition to fitting my front place intercooler to look for the locations I will certainly need to cut. The CFL I bought in white the demon eye is red as well as they likewise consisted of an adapter that connected flawlessly with the factory wiring. I was truly happy keeping that. It’s nearly similar to this set was made for the Accord.

I take 5 hours on this headlight retrofitting, so I suggest you to prepare enough time before start to do it.

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